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  • Gives you the opportunity to create a new revenue stream at little risk
  • Can complement your existing Microsoft ´╗┐products and services offering.
  • We provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to help your customers
  • When a customer opportunity arises, we work with you and the customer during the sales process, to find the solution that is right for them.
  • Offers a subscription service on a pay-as-you-go model, making it affordable for your customers
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    "We partnered with Financials for Office 365 as we are excited about the value that this solution brings to the SMB sector and additionally, how it complements our service offerings. Financials is a compelling offering for Managed IT to promote to our vast Western Australian SMB market, as it clearly strengthens our trusted IT partner status through leveraging the Microsoft brand."

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    "We've partnered with Financials for Office 365 as we believe they fill a significant gap in the market and are excited to be able to offer this product to our customers."

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    • Paul Soliman, Business Head , XCeler8

    "We partnered with Financials for Office 365 here in the Philippines so we can provide affordable Microsoft powered cloud accounting for our customers.  We have been able to adopt their FLASH setup methodology which allowed us to setup Lite Edition in a day, Standard Edition from 8 days, and Premium Edition in under a month.  As a result we are now Microsoft's top partners in the cloud and have benefited in increased sales and happier customers"

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    • Laco Vosiko, Founder , BeCloudSmart

    "BeCloudSmart is empowering businesses and governments by making technology a business advantage. As both Microsoft and Xero partner, we were looking for a solution stack that integrates with Microsoft cloud suite while at the same time addresses more business processes in one solution without integrating multiple products together. Partnering with Financials for Office 365 helped us to broaden our solution portfolio."

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    • Graham Hill, CEO, Metisc

    "It made sense to partner with Financials for Office 365 as it rounds out our Microsoft cloud offering. In fact we are currently working on over 20 new Financials for Office 365 opportunities across a broad range of industries from our base in WA. Financials for Office 365 is helping us to deliver a full integrated business solution for our clients delivering on the promise of Microsoft 365/Dynamics 365."

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