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What are role centres?

The role centre is the user interface in Financials; like a homepage of the application. It displays the specific activities, tasks, functions and information that each employee in their role needs to do for their job. This enables them to focus on their tasks and manage their time accordingly. For example, the Order Processor Role Centre has been configured to reflect the tasks and priorities of an Order Processor. 

Financials has over 20 different role centre templates that businesses can choose from for employee use. One of the key advantages is it's easy personalisation. An administrator can personalise any role centre profile to meet the needs of a specific employee in a specific business. The role centre can then be further personalised to meet the needs of a person who is carrying out the job. This person can personalise the role centre by saving queries, adding filters, and adding or removing fields – without any programmer or administrator assistance. 

Please note, the Lite edition only has two role centres available: the Manager (who sees everything) and a Mobile Sales User (where the role centre features are limited to the sales role). 

In the Standard and Premium editions, you may choose from many role centre profiles including: President (business owner/management), Accounting Manager, Bookkeeper, Sales Manager, Sales Order Processor, Warehouse Worker, and more. 


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