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Planned Production Order Video

Here you will see an overview of the Planed Production Order and Financials for Office 365.

Specifies information about the products that are expected to be produced.

You can enter information on when the production is expected to begin and finish.

As opposed to released production orders with posted entries, planned production orders can be rescheduled and deleted manually.

Planning lines for planned production orders can be automatically rescheduled, changed, and deleted by the planning system.

The planned production order is unique because of the following characteristics:

- You can automatically create a planned production order from a sales order.

- Planned production orders are like released production orders and provide input to capacity requirements planning by showing the total capacity requirements by work center or machine center.

- A planned production order represents the best estimate of the future load for the work center or machine center load based on available information. Typically, they are generated from planning, but can also be created manually. Because they are erased during subsequent planning generations, manual creation is not practical.

- Their generation in planning results in a suggested "planned order release" that includes quantity, release date, and due date. The planning system logic is based on the replenishment system, reorder policies, and order modifiers that it encounters in the net requirements planning process.

- To view their impact, look at the load for each work center or machine center on the planned production order's routing.