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Data more secure on your premises?

Why your data is not more secure on your premises

And there it was, a big hole up in the roof…
Many months ago I visited a company near Sydney whose office was struck by lightning. There it was, an opening in their ceiling which allowed rain to drench everything in sight, and of all things - their server room with all their IT gear. What are the chances right? Of all people, it happened to them- but it can happen to anyone.
Months earlier, they had an opportunity to take some of their IT and software requirements to the cloud but didn’t. They decided against it at the time as they felt their data was more secure in their warehouse up on the second floor. The lightning strike caused delays and disruptions to their business, and consequently/ naturally their frustrated customers also.
I’ve been in the online industry for over ten years now and if you think about it, most of us have used the cloud for our data, whether it’s for emails, internet banking or our websites, even your mobile data and apps are all in the cloud. When you change your mobile phone, you just log in to your profile and your contacts are transferred across.
Today, data centre security is very different from what it was- in fact it’s better than ever. These type of data facilities are designed to withstand all kinds of force majeures, are rocket and grenade proof and have multiple internet connectivity available on tap. Who can say they’ve got something similar for their own business? If you do, that’s great. For the rest of us, the modern cloud is really a more affordable, secure option.
I remember the days when my dad as an accountant would have to save company data onto an external hard drive for back ups. Is that a good idea these days? I don’t think so. God forbid it, but I suppose sometimes we need to go through a lighting strike of our own just for our eyes to be opened.
Unfortunately the above business didn’t take the opportunity to embrace change. Instead they replaced what they lost in the storm, spending tens of thousands of dollars.
But how many storms must it take for us to get the message? That is the question.
Joel Ramirez
GM | Financials for Office 365
Cloud and Innovation Evangelist