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We say the word thank you at least once a day for example if someone opens the door for you or if you leave the bus to thank the bus driver for the ride. This thank you is different. My thank you consist of so much more.
When I packed my bags in August in Germany I never thought what an amazing internship I had in front of me.  
My first day at Financials was the 04th of September. I stepped into the lift in AMP Centre in Circular Quay with a mixed of feelings including nervousness and excitement of what was to come. The nervousness was directly gone when I met Joel, the General Manager of Financials. He gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to the lovely team. I felt directly accepted as complete team member. Everyone treated me with respect, not as I feared as young student who has never worked in a company before and didn’t know how the real business world works. It was the complete opposite, Financials showed me how the real business world works with lots of fun and joy!

As I was seen as full member of the team, I received real tasks to do. The tasks were not just there to keep me busy, I actually helped the company with my work. This was such a different feeling to university. With my work I changed something, I had influence. My work consisted mainly of assisting the marketing manager Alvin with his daily tasks. I wrote blogs, updated the social media channels including YouTube, assisted with Google AdWords etc. Additionally, I helped other team members out when necessary.


Financials is located in the best possible business environment. They are so lucky! Financials is hosted within Stone & Chalk, a FinTech community network. Stone & Chalk organizes amazing events at least every three weeks. I experienced the 2nd birthday of Stone & Chalk with a band, beautiful decoration and canapes. The Cafeteria Catch Up‘s with changing themes brought together the whole team for a nice lunch. As German the Oktoberfest was one personal highlight for me. This reminded me of home and how much the Australians respect and love my culture. Another event was the Melbourne Cup which was celebrated traditionally with oysters and champagne. Stone & Chalk organised a Best Dressed Award, which I won! Unbelievable! I felt as part of the community from minute one. This was so unique. Every Wednesday Sweet Spot was held. Employees of Stone & Chalk updated the members with news and announcements. As the name implies it was sweet, very sweet. The members love the amazing sweet platters, ice cream and cakes which gives new energy for the rest of the week.

Next to the amazing surrounding, I experienced another highlight during my 3 ½ months at Financials. The Microsoft Tech Summit took place in Sydney mid November. During two of the days I got an insight into my first conference. There was so much to see and to learn. On my badge was written “Julia Wessels – Financials for Office 365”. It was just a batdge, but this shows again how much this company appreciates me as valuable member of their team.

My time in Sydney was a life-time experience for me within a company in which a team member calls you with your nick name “Jules”, in which the GM says, “Is this not the best internship ever?” Yes, you are absolutely right. It was the best internship ever.

Thank you, Financials. I will never forget this time.