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How to Make a Video For Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just how valuable is a video?
If you are not yet incorporating videos into your business marketing strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity to maximise the success of your promotion campaign. No longer out of reach of SMBs thanks to modern technology, videos are the future of business marketing, and here’s why.

What Videos Can do For Your Business

Start a conversation

Videos have the ability to stimulate conversation about your business better than almost any other type of promotion material. They allow you to connect with your market on a more personal level, whilst reaching a huge audience. YouTube alone is hit with more than 1 billion different visitors each month. Combine this with users’ ability to easily share videos across different social media platforms, and you have yourself an effective, far-reaching form of marketing material.
​People are time poor
How often do you sit down in your free time and enjoy scrolling through pages of product information to learn about the latest and greatest? That’s right, you don’t. Instead we seek information quickly, in a form that is engaging and easily digestible.
Your consumers are the same. Videos allow viewers to absorb information quickly, with minimal effort, and in an entertaining way. On top of this, by engaging several senses at once, you vastly increase the amount of information they will retain. At the end of the day this all translates into an increased chance of you capturing a consumer and making a sale. 
​Personalize your brand 

​You want your consumers to be just as excited about your products and business as you are, so give them something to be excited about! Video promotion provides your business with a face and personality. Potential and existing customers will spend more time engaging with your brand, and as a result are more likely to chat about it with others, spend longer on your website, and pay attention to your business.

Better still, videos are generally given a higher priority on search engines over other material such as text and pictures. This means your video has a greater chance of being found. And the more people that see it, the better off you will be.
Creating a Video masterpiece
You do not need to be a tech whiz to create a video that is effective and entertaining. The cost of production and recording technology has plummeted, allowing SMBs a piece of the action as well. Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Plan
Firstly, plan. It might sound obvious, but make sure you consider why you are actually making the video, and what it is you want to achieve. Perhaps you are seeking to increase brand recall, to show-off your product through demos, or to simply get people talking about your funny ad they saw on the internet.​

Once you have a clear idea, create a storyboard – a shot by shot visual representation of your video, with notes about the action and dialogue (find out more here). Next write a script and ensure you have the right tools for the job. Get your hands on a recording device (a professional video cam, digital camera, or even a smart phone). Consider hiring lighting as a cost effective way to dramatically improve the quality of your footage. Choose a location to shoot your video, and be sure to pre-arrange with someone to help film the video.

Step 2: Record
Make sure you take multiple recordings. Get comfortable in front of the camera, and use this time to test out the length of the video. Try to keep it concise. People will not watch a video they think is too long. Short and sweet!
Step 3: Edit + Upload
Finally edit and upload your video. You can use free editing software, or take it up a notch with programs such as Adobe visual communicator or Quicktime Pro, which are inexpensive and easy to use.
Upload it to multiple channels – your website, company blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to increase the chance that your video gets viewed.
And voila! Get creative, and have fun making your video with these 3 easy steps. Do your business a favour and start filming!
Kate Hobbs