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Timing is Everything, but what's the right time to post?

Drive traffic to your business by posting at the right time
Welcome to the science of social timing. The social media frenzy today sees businesses jumping from site to site, posting content after content, in a bid to amplify their engagement with the public and showcase their unique capabilities. You feel the content you’ve just created is show stopping but hold on – WHEN do you post it to rack up the clicks, likes and shares so it screams ‘this is my business’?


Posting powerful content at the right time could mean the difference between it just sitting there and it going viral and driving insane traffic to your business, not just online but in-person too. Many small businesses today have become so ‘Insta-famous’, customers flock to them because they are so in awe by the content on their Instagram page. Of course, this is a combination of factors – timing, the content itself, the photography, engaging captions etc – all balancing each other for the optimal effect.  Let's focus on timing!
Unfortunately, there’s no solid answer as to when the perfect time is for your business to hit that 300% engagement or 50% of shares or retweets. It all comes down to your audience, the platform you’re using, the region you’re targeting, and your ultimate goal from the post. Every business is different, so finding the optimal posting times for your business can make or break your posts.


As a general guideline, the best posting times for all social media sites are usually in the mornings (7-9am when people are travelling to work), during lunchtimes (12-2pm), and early evenings (5-7pm when people are heading home). These times are common sense – people will be on their mobiles or laptops. But with this comes the risk your content will be buried in the sea of posts, as you won’t be the only one posting to boost engagement. Further, Friday afternoons are much quieter and engagement picks up again Sunday evening.
Let’s now take a look at some optimal posting times for specific social media sites.









Again, this is a general guide only and every business differs. A successful post is one with high engagement through click-through rates, likes, shares, retweets, and comments. How do you achieve this? Keep it real and keep it relevant. So learn your audience’s tune in times. Create content that is astoundingly powerful. And post on the right channel at the right time. Because like they say, timing is everything.