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Small business and the cloud

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Platform - one of the world largest - compromising of 19 data centres and serving 350 million users using Microsoft Dynamics (Financials for Office 365), Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. 

Azure makes up one of Microsoft's Cloud For Business. According to Wayne Morris, Microsoft VP who attended our launch, it's all about Microsoft's aim in helping people and organisations to "do more and achieve more." Azure is the platform that allows companies to have complete data solutions and access them anytime and anywhere with mobile and smart devices. 

Secondly, you've got the productivity function. Applications like Office 365, Skype for Business, Yammer and Sharepoint enable people to be more productive on their own and through collaboration. 

The third element is Microsoft Dynamics and that's where Financials for Office 365 fits in. It's the front end of the business - engaging with customers, and the back end of the business from manufacturing, to supply chain, inventory and general ledger that help a company operate in a dynamic way.

According to Wayne, "What we’re doing is pulling pieces of those together to offer specific solutions for specific people. Financials for Office 365, is a good example of bringing together for financial piece but personal productivity piece."

Why choose the cloud? 

  • Cloud technology overcomes the need for large investment in IT infrastructure and there's no need to pay for the servers or data management. 
  • Cloud is flexible: it is much easier to scale up, add users or restructure. 
  • Cloud is about productivity: your employees can log into your systems anywhere and at anytime almost on any device.  

Azure is Better

The cloud market may be crowded so Azure is better because: 
  • Azure can hyperscale: choose how many users or servers you need to run. Only pay for the things you need. You can update and make changes much more easily. 
  • Azure’s experience in enterprise: it’s the only cloud provider that ticks all of Gartner’s boxes. Azure passed the Australian Federal Government Audit and is certified for handling sensitive information.
  • Azure can be hybrid: it has the ability to connect with on premise systems, whether it’s for storage or back up purposes.

Azure is Secure 

  • With its two data centres in Australia, Azure ensures secure data in rain, shine or natural disaster. 
  • These local data centres not only provide faster services, but they overcome any data sovereignty concerns or reporting requirements from data hosted overseas. 
  • Azure has access management controls that recognises users using different devices. 

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